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What We Do


Exercise Professional - Tom Lininsh
Dietitcian - Annette Cockfield
Cardiologist - Dr Sanjay Gupta

Optimising Health and reducing symptoms from diseases is often not just about having the right drugs and tablets to correct any metabolic abnormalities. Whilst Drugs and Medical Interventions offer great benefits they are not always totally effective. Furthermore many of the illnesses we encounter both within Internal Medicine and more specfically in Gastroemterology are influenced considerably by lifestyle. 

Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Enviromental facotrs such as relationships and work may all impact upon how patients feel and the risk of symptom relapse. Furthermore there is a large body of evidence showing that many of these factors also influence our quality of life and how long we live.

I therefore consider my practice as fitting into a wider picture, with many influences that effect disease and wellbeing. Central to that picture is the patient.

 For that reason whilst may expertise is within gastroenterology and the medicines and treatments that can help gastrointestinal disease I work with a number of other professionals.


Since graduating in 2002 with a BSc (Hons) in Dietetics, Annette offers successful experience and an up-to-date, comprehensive knowledge of current dietetic practice in children, adolescents and adults, across several specialist areas, including: Eating Disorders,Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, IBS, Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis & Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS).

As a highly trained Physiotherapist  working for the National Health Service James initially trained as a Registered General Nurse at Guy's Hospital London in 1986, going on to specialise in spinal injuries; then as a physiotherapist working in various large teaching hospitals in Yorkshire for the last eighteen years. As an active sports person, he knows how frustrating and detrimental to your well being not performing at your normal level of function can be  and the impact on those around you.a particular interest in treatments for our older clients who have more complex assessment and treatment needs and who benefit from the skills and time of a therapist with many years in this speciality.

Julia is a Chartered Clinical completing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Leeds University in 2005. Julia has received additional training in CBT, DBT, EMDR and Systemic Family work. Julia has significant experience working in with outpatients and inpatients who are struggling with a wide variety of conditions

Mr Chintapatla is a senior Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at York Hospitals. As well as considerable operative experience he is also a bowel cancer screening acreditted colonoscopist and has a particular interest in the endoscopic treatment of difficult colorectal polyps.

Psychologist - Dr Julia Coakes

Physiotherapist - James Palmer

Tom has over a decade of experience working as a Personal trainer and provides advice and hands on support to clients seeking to use exercise to help improve their fitness and wellbeing. Formerly Lead fitness professional for a digital health startup, Tom has expertise in cardiovascular, strength and circuits training. He also has first hand experience of some of the worlds toughest endurance races.

Sanjay undertool Specialist trining in Yorkshire and was also awarded a prestigious training fellowship at the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston, USA. He has  a particular interest in cardiac imaging and the impact of lifestyle upon cardiac disease.He has expertise in the diagnosis and management of all forms of cardiac symptoms and disorders. 

Consultant Surgeon - Mr Srinivas Chinatpatla

Dr C Millson - Consultant Hepatologist

Dr Millson worked as a consultant for 13 years in the Supra-regional liver transplant service in Leeds before moving to York in 2012. I have extensive experience in the management of all types of liver disease including viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease and fatty liver disease.

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